Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why St John's Medical?

    St. John’s Medical works together with you to plan and build out your home healthcare solution. Full family participation is encouraged. We take our time to ensure your understanding of the entire home health care plan. What are my options for choosing what’s best for my care?

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    What are my options for choosing what’s best for my care?

    St. John’s partners with the most recognizable medical manufacturers in the industry today. We offer a wide range of product choices and full training on prescribed items - it’s not just the ‘One Brand Fits All’ attitude.

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    What types of insurances do you accept?

    St. John’s Medical participates with most insurance plans including:

    • Medicare/Medicaid
    • Aetna PPO
    • Humana PPO and HMO
    • United Healthcare
    • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
    • Regional Insurance Carriers

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    How do I access the services of St. John’s Medical?

    All of the items offered by St. John’s are potentially covered by insurance, minus any applicable deductibles or co-insurance, if the necessary coverage criteria are met and a physician’s prescription is received. When a person is referred for service, we make a strategic connection between the patient, their daily caregivers, and their physician who authorizes all components of the patient’s care plan.