Physician's Area

Physician's Area

DMECare Program

The DMECare program offers extensive Durable Medical Equipment (DME) inventory management, billing, and collections. This program assists you in providing your patients with the industries BEST orthopedic soft goods that they need, and it's the perfect way to expand your practice.

How does the DMECare Program work?

Very simple, we take responsibility for the upkeep of your consignment closet. A representative from our team will regularly monitor your inventory and take care of all the ordering and restocking of items.

What about the billing process?

As part of our exceptional service, our medical billing specialists take care of all insurance billing and any follow up associated with the products dispensed from your practice. We'll submit the claims and track down any problems that may arise.

As an authorized Medicare provider, as well as a provider for many insurance companies, we have the ability to accommodate almost all of your patients. If your patient has an insurance plan that we cannot work with, DMECare accepts all major credit cards. We also offer convenient, reasonable payment options to your patients.