Relieving Pain One Patient at a Time

We hear everyday how our products help relieve pain. Our products allow for our patients to get back to their physical activities, reduce their lower back pain, provide knee/wrist stability, and transform their lives. Read what others are saying after receiving a brace from St. John's Medical.

"This brace is AWESOME! Significantly reduced my back pain in just a few hours. St. John's Medical took care of everything for me. They really cared about my health" – Roderick W. Orlando, FL

"Best thing I have ever got. I suffer with severe muscle spasms and chronic back pain. I thought I would try a back brace just to see if it would have any effect. I had a full night's sleep for the first time in at least a year. Highly Recommended! Thanks to St. John's Medical" - Laurie P. Franklin, TN

"I suffer from lower disc bulging and spinal stenosis. Before I got the St. John's Medical Brace I couldn't do hardly anything. I couldn't stand on my feet for very long, without back pain. I withdrew from all of my activities. When I received the St. John's Medical Brace I was able to function a lot better. I was undergoing spinal shots which I have since canceled. I have also reduced the amount of pain medication I was taking. Thanks for the brace, and the outstanding customer service." – James T. Kansas City, KS

"Unbelievable relief! This back brace went to work the instant I put it on - I could hardly believe how it helped my back pain. I wore it every day for about 2 weeks then just as needed. It is the best product I have ever used and I would recommend it to anyone with back pain." – Harry L. Seattle, WA

"Good fit, Good support. Very happy with this knee brace." – Brittany M. Dallas, TX

"The customer service was very helpful and so nice to work with. The back brace really helps me be able to stand for a much longer time. My back does not give out on me like it does without the brace. I am so glad I found out about this and plan to tell my friends with back problems." – Chris T. Atlanta, GA